Bring together all data sources in one real-environment visualisation.

Visualise your entire site by layering all data with detailed real-environment information. Improving the planning process, practical clash detection and assessment of mitigation plans.

Trusted on critical infrastructure projects

Improved progress monitoring

Present your project progress to stakeholders and enhance your optioneering with the high-quality site information at hand.

Speed up deconfliction meetings

When conflicts occur, you can instantly access your entire site environment (in high detail) allowing you to evaluate options, collaborate with team members and pinpoint exactly which locations are of interest to you, without the need to travel on-site or to the office.

Better feasibility assessment and mitigation plan evaluation

You can rehearse certain building plans and access earthworks plans in your digital twin environment. If a practical clash occurs, you can assess the mitigation plans put in place.

Layer all your transmission information in the context of a project plan

With all transmission cables in one overview, it will inform you on how transmission networks interact and where potential clashes might occur instantly.

Assess grid connections

Improve the accuracy of your plans by taking into account your limited grid connections and layer them onto your project plan.

Conduct better visual impact assessments

With the accurate digital twin environment, you can visualise how your plans might impact lines of sight. This reduces the need for constant site visits and potential stakeholder pushback.

Ali Khan, Senior Investment Engineer at National Grid

“Our teams were able to easily access and visualise an accurate and up-to-date 3D model of the site while also being able to collaborate with teams from any device from anywhere."

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National Grid keeps workers safe with visualised 3D power station data easily accessible from anywhere

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