Timeline: Progress monitoring

If Sensat has provided you with multiple scans over time these can be viewed using the timeline. The scans will be given survey capture dates which you will be able to see across your timeline. This gives you a quick snapshot of when your point cloud data has been updated.

1. Look on the timeline for the green flash and drone symbol. This indicates that a survey was conducted in this time range.

View your Sensat scan

2. Select the tab with the desired survey upload.

3. Your view on the canvas will then be filtered to only show your selected scan. You will also get a view of all uploads and markups created during your selected period in the Uploads/Markups panel.

View your Sensat scan in the uploads panel

4. To compare changes through time, click on another tab with a previous or more recent scan.

Assign dates to markups

Plot markups against time

Timeline: Navigating the timeline

Navigate between weekly and monthly site views

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