Uploading a file

1. Click on the upload button in the right-hand toolbar.

this shows the panel on the right of the screen. the bottom icon is the 'upload' icon.

2. Select a file from your local drive.

N.B. You can select multiple files if you want to upload more than one at once.

3. Click continue and your files will start to upload to the platform.

4. Monitor their progress in the upload panel at the bottom-left of the screen.

5. Click VIEW in the file upload pop-up to view your file.

6. When the file is finished uploading they are stored and accessible via the Uploads and Markups panel.

this shows the panel on the right of the screen. The third icon is the 'uploads & markups' icon.

7. Once the processing is finished, the file will appear on the map. You can rename the file and toggle between making it visible or not.

What file types can I upload?

Sensat accepts many different file types. Learn here which ones.

Folders: managing folders

Edit the groupings of files as your project evolves

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