Layers: identify what you're looking at

If you want to identify or quickly access any layer (survey data or design file) that is currently visible in your project:

1. Right-click over the layer that you’re interested in.  A menu will appear listing all of the layers present and currently visible at the position of your cursor click.

Sensat's digital twin platform

2. Hover over any of the layers listed in the menu to view it in isolation.

Sensat's digital twin platform

3. Click on any of the layers listed in the menu to access the layer in the Uploads and Markups panel where you can perform further actions, e.g turn the layer off/on,  adjust the opacity of a pointcloud etc.

Sensat's digital twin platform

Uploading a file

The Sensat platform allows you to upload as many files into your project as you would like. Learn here how to add a file.

Folders: managing folders

Edit the groupings of files as your project evolves

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