Measure: heights of any point on site

The height tool enables you to measure the angle of elevation, height and vertical incline degree between selected points within your project.

Top tip: Use the height tool to measure the height between respective assets.
Select the height icon in the left-hand toolbar.

  1. Navigate to the desired area of your project.
Select the height tool in the right hand navigation panel
  1. Single-click at the base level of your object.
  2. Move the cursor to the final height of the object you are measuring and double-click to finalise the measurement.
  3. The angle of elevation, height distance and vertical incline degree will be saved as a post in the Uploads and Markups panel.
View the markups height in the markup panel Height of a building being measured in Sensat

Measure: cross sectional profiles

Take a cross-sectional height profile measurement across a selected distance within your project.

Measure: volumetric measurements

Take a volumetric measurement for a selected zone within your project.

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