Using the magic wand tool

The magic wand tool allows you to create a zone markup with one click by creating an area across sections with similar colours.

N.B. The magic wand tool is only available in 2D and will only work if there is a layer in 2D such as an orthomosaic or DSM.

  1. Select the magic wand icon in the left-hand toolbar in 2D.
Select the magic want tool in 2D
  1. Navigate to the desired area of the project and click to create a zone.
  2. A highlighted area will appear with the option to adjust the threshold. Reduce or increase the size of the area as needed.
  3. Press save to create a zone from the highlighted area.

Markup: areas and zones

Measure area and highlight any significant zones within your project site.

Cropping your project

Crop a section of your project into a separate file while maintaining the state of your overall project.

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