2022: A record-breaking year for Sensat

As we round up the year, 2022 has been a year to celebrate for Sensat. With record numbers of users onboarded to our platform, $200bn billion worth of infrastructure supported, and our Series B funding announcement—it’s been quite a year.

Here are a few milestones we have celebrated in 2022.

589 billion points processed

This year we have processed more data than ever before—a mindblowing 589,186,015,768 points to be exact, in the form of point-clouds. If placed on a straight line at 50mm from each other, our point-cloud would be 77 times the distance between the earth and the sun.

A year and a half spent in Sensat

Amongst 28,000 sessions, our users accumulated 596 days of time spent using Sensat. This has shown 170% growth since last 2021. Sectors that have accumulated the most time in the platform include Rail as well as Electricity Transmission. During this time spent on the platform, 8280 files have been uploaded and shared by our users equating to 600 GB of data.

In 2022 our users accumulated a year and a half worth of time spent on Sensat

2,100 users invited to Sensat

Supporting some of the UK and Europe’s largest civil infrastructure projects, Sensat invited over 2,100 new users to our platform from January to December 2022. Today leaders in the civil infrastructure industry are working with Sensat to democratise information and inform better decisions across their projects. With more users having access to site information in context, teams are making better and more holistic decisions, together.

Moving into our new home

After saying goodbye to our old Sensat HQ in 160 Old Street after two short years (which felt even shorter due to the pandemic), we moved up the road to a space which we kitted out to be a bit more ‘Sensat’. Nicknamed 'The Dog on the Moon' and designed somewhat like a coffee shop, it has comfy collaboration spaces, a coffee bar, as well as a central stage for our latest product release announcements. It already feels like home.

2022 customer day and awards

This year, more than ever before, our customers have been the champions of Sensat and helped to bring use cases to life. Many of them have spent time collaborating with our product and engineering teams to help build new tools that they would use to more confidently make the right decisions.

As a thank you for their efforts we held a customer day and awards at our new office filled with user workshops, cross-team knowledge-sharing sessions and presentations from some of our customers this year. A huge thank you to everyone who joined, we can’t wait to see you at our next one.

HS2 Euston win Project of the Year at Sensat's User Awards

Series B

Difficult not to mention our Series B raise! In 2017 from a kitchen in Islington Co Founders James Dean and Harry Atkinson founded Sensat. Five years on, Sensat has raised $20.5M (£16.7m) Series B funding led by National Grid Partners, one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world.

If you want to hear from Harry and James themselves, check out our Journey to Series B blog

Sensat launched down under

Sensat officially launched in Australia this year. With an arm down in Australia our team has been working to support infrastructure projects to unlock the data in the context of the real world. Despite being a new territory and being less than 6 months in, the team have already made quite a splash!

With Sensat supporting infrastructure globally here is a light map showing the projects we are supporting right now.

Light map showing the projects Sensat is working on around the world

Our 4 day work week is here to stay

This year in March Sensat took the leap towards a 4-day week. From the get-go, the goal was not to fit five days' worth of work into four, but instead to prioritise the tasks which really mattered and made a difference.

Thanks to the 4-day working week our team is all the better for it. Using that extra day the team have been making the most of it with long weekends away in Berlin to even longer holidays to Borneo, as well as learning to paraglide, spend time with family and has even given some time for a part-time Master's degree in Geographic Data Science and Spatial Analytics!

With the year fast closing, we want to thank everyone who has been a part of our journey and mission this year. Sensat is excited to welcome in the new year with new projects, new users and some exciting announcements for 2023.

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