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Check out Sensat’s new scheduling tool and enable 4D planning, with Oracle Primavera P6. Connect your schedule gantt to your wider project information so you can spot potential risks before they become an issue on site. Keep teams aligned and keep projects running on time using Sensat’s latest feature release.

Sometimes, when teams are using different applications, crucial information and insights about their work can remain locked in those tools, hidden from other teams and project managers.

Sensat’s Common Visualisation Environment can now incorporate schedules to enable 4D planning, beginning with support for Oracle Primavera P6. This is allowing project managers to visualise their programmes of work within the context of an up-to-date digital twin of their site, step through phased models, and collaborate across teams to identify and resolve issues in sequencing or designs.

Aligning different teams and the realities of working on site to project schedules is a challenge at the best of times. Project managers should be able to rely on their planned schedule of works, however it’s often difficult to get a holistic view of upcoming activities in the context of the real world and foresee potential risks.

Designs are often created without full insight into the wider construction sequence, parallel activities on site, and specific site restrictions such as health and safety, operational, environmental or social requirements. It is a multi-disciplinary job to review, identify, and eliminate (or mitigate) risks. Existing 4D solutions are designer-oriented, lack context outside of CAD models, and are often limited to a small set of users. The complexities behind creating a workable schedule also make it difficult to present the rationale for timelines and sequencing to stakeholders in an easily digestible way.

Sensat’s latest scheduling feature is changing this. For the first time, we are allowing all team members to have access to schedules in an easy-to-understand visual format to streamline issue identification & resolution.

A46 project visualised in Sensat using scheduling tool

Above: Octavius partnered with Sensat to deliver the A46 Binley flyover

4D project management

Sensat’s latest feature is empowering project teams with 4D project management. By visualising your construction sequence aligned with BIM models, your Gantt chart from P6 and your next-level digital twin, you can ensure teams are able to execute effectively on scheduled activities. Minimise any unexpected risks preventing teams from getting a job done, now project managers can plan ahead in even more detail to ensure a smooth running of activities across a project site.

This latest development will give you more visibility and alignment with your construction planning. Sensat allows you and your team to make more informed decisions, improve communication and collaboration between disciplines and avoid potential delays. By synchronising schedules with Primavera P6 you can bring all of your planning information into Sensat, providing clarity for everyone involved. This means now you can spend less time hopping between tools, asking for updates or searching for the latest versions of files, and instead spend more time de-risking your project.

How it works

1. Import your construction schedule

To get started, have your Primavera P6 file uploaded to Sensat along with your phased BIM models from your designers. From there you should be able to log into Sensat and view your Gantt chart of the programme schedule.

2. Link your schedule to your BIM

Once you have uploaded your BIM models for each part of the sequence, simply ‘link’ them to the relevant activities and dates in your schedule. Now as you select an activity within the schedule you will be able to see what your site should look like at that stage.

3. Walk through your sequence using smart jump

Once the Gantt chart and BIM models have been linked you can easily click through your timeline. The models will automatically appear on the map on the date specified by the activity they are linked to.

The timeline highlights when changes are occurring on site, allowing users to quickly zoom in on the schedule and the 3D map to inspect the site for any potential issues and risks. Once identified, our commenting feature is the perfect tool for teams to flag and discuss resolutions.

Uncover hidden risks

Integrating your project schedule with an enhanced digital twin of your project will allow your teams to simulate the build first to uncover hidden risks before getting to site. The 4D models visualised in the context of the real world will help your teams to identify errors and risks, mitigate costly delays and rework, and highlight opportunities to optimise construction.

Sensat is offering a step-change in what can be identified and resolved ahead of time by using our common visualisation environment to link a construction schedule to BIM alongside survey and other geospatial data. This will also significantly aid in communicating plans, and the impact of changes, to the entire construction team without the need for in-depth technical knowledge or access to specialist tools.

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