Newbie to expert: Getting started with Sensat

If your project has just signed up to Sensat, welcome to the team! But what is Sensat, what’s next, and how can you get the best from us? Here is your quick guide as to what you can expect as you get started with Sensat.

What is Sensat?

Sensat is a visualisation and collaboration platform. It enables you and your teams to access and utilise data in the context of what's actually happening on site. By collecting and delivering infrastructure data, the platform translates the real world into a digital twin that is easily digestible by all.

Where the industry today often relies on applications that are technical, expensive and interoperable, Sensat is designed with all project members in mind. We allow for easy access, quick collaboration and usability of all project information.

Together with the likes of Aecom, Connect Plus, Heathrow & Kier, we are unlocking the value of real-world data. This enables our clients to analyse and understand their built environments and make smarter decisions reducing project risks.

Sensat Customer Success

Step 1: An intro to Sensat

While your team might be crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s of any paperwork as you begin with Sensat, your customer success manager will be introduced to you alongside your account manager. We’ll set up a call with your team and establish what you want to achieve in the coming months and years for your project.

Your customer success manager will be your main point of contact throughout your relationship with Sensat. They will initially be on hand to manage your project is set up so that you can start benefiting from the Sensat platform. And after setup they'll be available to all of your project team, to help with further training, support and helping users of the platform to achieve their objectives through using the digital twin.

Step 2: Let’s align

As soon as you're signed up with Sensat, implementation begins. Our first step is to make sure that we're aligned with your project, and have set up how we'll stay in touch and track progress during set-up.

During this alignment stage, we want to make sure that we understand what you want to achieve through working with Sensat. Your customer success manager will start to build up a detailed account of your project and will begin to pull together recommendations on how you can maximise usage of Sensat to support your goals.

If you have requested Sensat Continuous for regular, real-world updates we will also begin our content capture ready to be fed into Sensat’s platform. This will help to give the information you already have real-world context. If you haven't organised this yet you can speak to the Sensat team and we can help to arrange this.

Step 3: Getting on board

Ok, the groundwork is done, now the fun stuff can begin! During the onboarding stage, your customer success manager will work with you and your team to aggregate and organise all the data that is available (and relevant!) to your project in Sensat. We'll check in regularly during this phase, keeping you well informed of how things are going as we move towards rollout.

We'll also be looking for opportunities to support further use cases: our customer success managers will bring their experience from working across other major infrastructure projects to make relevant recommendations on how you could go even further with Sensat.

Once all your project has been set up with all of your data, we'll give you a full run-through to make sure that you're happy everything is ready for rollout to the wider project team. We'll also work with you to build a training schedule to make sure that your colleagues are taken through the information in your project in a way that's relevant to them.

Step 4: Getting rolling

This is the point where we welcome the rest of your team!

By this stage, you will already have an assigned customer success manager, overarching goals set out and a project to log into. Now it's time to begin training your wider project team on how they can use Sensat to support their day-to-day roles, keeping in mind the broader objectives set during the previous alignment stage.

Your customer success manager will run 'targeted training' for the user groups we identified with you, making sure that they have all they need to get going, as well as creating a feedback loop in case anything is missing that they might need to achieve their goals.

We find the targeted training approach to be really useful. As you can imagine, a Traffic Management team is going to come at this from a very different angle than an Earthworks team, so it pays for us to treat them differently when we train them!

Step 5: Ready and raring to go!

Once the project team have been trained you should continue getting used to working in the platform, collaborating with other teams and accessing and uploading data. At this point things are only just getting started! Your customer success manager will maintain regular check-ins to ensure that you're getting the expected value from Sensat, as well as keeping you up to date on any exciting developments on our side. And when you have questions, issues or suggestions for new features they will always be on hand to help and find the quickest possible solution for you.

For more information, get in touch.

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