Data accessibility, visualisation & integration

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No matter how civil infrastructure survey data is captured, it still needs to be made accessible, and visualised in such a way that makes it useful and understandable—while also layering and integrating with other data and systems.

Catch up on the third webinar in our data-led future series, ‘Data accessibility, visualisation & integration’, to discover how, with a common visualisation environment, not only can you access and visualise all your data in one place in order to navigate a digital replica of your infrastructure project, but can generate valuable insights to make decisions.

What you'll learn

  1. Managing disparate data
  2. A common visualisation environment
  3. Data accessibility and visualisation
  4. Data collaboration
  5. Data integration
  6. Speaker Q&A

Our Panel

  • James Dean, CEO and Co-founder, Sensat
  • Harry Atkinson, Chief Data Officer and Co-founder, Sensat
  • James Fricker, Managing Director, Sensat

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